Summer Daze....Free Printable too!

Posted by Melissa Black on

Summer is literally knocking at the door. Here in Texas it is already hot, the pool water is already 85 and the kids finish school tomorrow. Right now we are in the blissful stage of worshipping summer break and all it's glory. The stage where you are done with May, done with attending athletic meetings, done driving to dance classes, done with band concerts (how many do they need to have?!?!) and definitely done Googling how to help with 6th grade math. I mean, your lunch making skills definitely shows how done you are (at least mine do) and just a bunch of random carbs and a Banana counts as lunch - right? Right? 

But this bliss of wanting summer break will fade away. Quickly. Like in 2 weeks from now. Because even if you are relaxed with not waking to an alarm or feeling like a chauffer, this too, will start to get on your nerves. The kids are home. ALL. THE. TIME. And sometimes they bring friends. And it's loud. And you need to stop at Costco weekly to keep up with the feeding. SO. MUCH. FOOD. How can they consume THAT much each day?

And the biggest the hourly complaint of "I'M BORED!". If these kids even knew....

My post today is one to help you Mamas, to keep your sanity and give you and your kids some fun activity ideas this summer. 

If you don't want to be plagued with "I'M BORED" or if you want to limit screen time (who's with me??) then I have a fun printable for you!

Free in my shop is my Printable Summer Checklist. 75 different things to do this summer. So print, get out there and enjoy! LINK HERE.

Some of these activities may require travel or trips to the store for supplies, but that helps suck up more time each day. So you are welcome!

But in all reality, try to make the most of it. Your kids will only be this young this summer and then the time will be gone. They will be a little older, will grow before your eyes and you cannot get the time back. So take it all in and be present. Make memories. Print this list. Check some off. Drink some wine. That's not on *this* list but let's be honest, it is on most Mom's lists. Maybe I should make a Mom to do list. Ok...after I am done swimming with my kiddos. 

Have fun, wear SPF, drink from the Sprinkler, and make some memories. 


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