BINGO Baby Shower - Fill In Gifts Bingo Game - INSTANT DOWNLOAD

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Bingo is a fun, timeless, classic game. For all ages, at all events, anytime! This is a great Baby Shower game keeping guests busy during the gift opening. These are blank bingo cards where guests need to fill in each square with a gift they think will be opened that day. Blank Call sheet to track gifts and confirm bingos included. 

This is instant download for a quick print and play. Print on regular paper, craft paper or card stock.

This is not an editable file. This is print & play. Print on regular 8.5" X 11" paper but games are about 5" X 7" each and print 2 per page. Print as many copies as you need! Light dotted lines help indicate where to trim.


1. Different filled bingo cards (2 per page)

2. Bingo Call Sheet (to track what gifts have been opened)

Easy as 1, 2, 3! 1. Download the PDF file(s) on computer. 2. Print at home on personal color printer or send to local copy center (Office Depot etc) 3. Cut along dotted lines.

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We do custom work and this can be personalized with names or specific themes so please reach out to me for pricing.