WINE LABELS: COVID-19 CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY | Quarantine | Pandemic | Sarcastic Funny (6) - INSTANT DOWNLOAD - Use again and again!

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We are all just trying to survive during this Pandemic of 2020 with COVID-19/Coronavirus. Holidays will look different but here's a way to send a quick and easy gift and laugh! We can get through this together with alcohol.  Perfect for neighbors/friends/family/significant other - anyone! Show them some holiday cheer and give them wine or any bottle of alcohol. These sarcastic and funny wine labels are the perfect "go-to" gift for this COVID Christmas season! Alcohol wins. Every time. 
These adorable printable wine labels print on regular sticker paper and print 2 labels per page. They are sized 4" x 5" so it fits over the label. Just use regular white paper or sticker paper. 
You get 6 labels total that say:
  • Merry Christmas! From A Social Distance
  • Baby It's COVID Outside
  • 2020 (one star rating) Would Not Recommend
  • This Wine Is Essential
  • Emotional Support Bottle
  • It's FINE, I'm FINE, Everything's FINE

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Purchase and download the file. Using sticker paper is much easier but regular is fine and you can adhere with contact paper or tape.

2. Print at home on a color printer or send out (Office Depot) to be printed. 

3. Cut and cover any wine or liquor bottle label. Enjoy! Re-use anytime!

This file cannot be edited. It is in a PDF Format. Labels print 2 per page. No re-selling. Reach out to me if you need something custom. 

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