Elf Kit: Ideas and Inspo on how to use our printable

Thanks for your purchase of the Elf note kit. If you are busy but want to up your Elf game - these notes are a great way to add extra magic! Here are some suggested ways to use this printable (in the end, use however you want).

Welcome letter - use this on the day the Elf comes to stay in your home. 

Goodbye letter - use this the night the Elf leaves (before Santa comes). 

You will find 32 different note cards, all with different types of messages. There are general greetings, activities, jokes and messages on behavior - both gentle reminders and encouragement on good behavior. Feel free to place the notes anywhere! They stand up like tent cards but can easily be stuck in the tree or on a stocking - basically wherever your Elf ends up! 

Video showing how to use the tent cards: https://pin.it/29ofcMg 

    Here are some images using the notes for inspo: