HOT COCOA ROOM SERVICE DOOR TAGS - EDITABLE OR PRINTABLE | Holiday Appreciation | Teacher, School, Staff, Volunteer, Nurse, Employees | Appreciation Holiday

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Offer those special people in your life a festive gesture of appreciation this holiday or winter season with some hot cocoa room service. Choose from Christmas or Winter themes, these tags print 2 per page on regular paper and are editable allowing you to fill in what drinks and toppings you have to offer.  These tags measure 10" x 3.6" each. The one in the center is 2.2" round - fitting door handles. Simply print, or edit and print, cut and pass these out. Have them order "room service" by a certain date and deliver the goodies! Perfect for employees, staff, PTO/PTA, Teachers, Volunteers, Nurses or Church groups. 

Comes in 2 options: editable or printable only option. 

Editable option - allows you to modify all the text - wording, color, size, and font. This is done via a template in Canva. Canva is free to use. You can then download from Canva as a PDF for printing. Prints on regular paper. Each tag measures 10" x 3.6" and fits 2 per page. Just cut out and hand out! You will receive 2 PDFs if you purchase the editable option - 1 contains the link to your template to edit, and the other is info on how to save/download as a PDF. 

Printable option - prints as shown on regular paper. Prints on regular paper. Each tag measures 10" x 3.6" and fits 2 per page. Just cut out and hand out! You will receive 1 PDF if you purchase the printable option - the printable tags. 

Once payment is confirmed, you will receive an email containing your downloadable PDFs. These PDF's will contain information and the link to your template or the printable itself. Click the link on the PDF which takes you to the template in Canva - allowing you to edit and personalize.

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Pick your option, purchase and download. 
  2. Print on any color printer (or send to OfficeDepot etc). Print as many copies as you need!
  3. Edit or print and hang on doors!