Dinner Conversation Jar - 100 unique, fun, thought-provoking questions for kids | Family Dinner Idea | 100 Questions to ask your kids at Dinner | Instant Download

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Discover meaningful moments with your family! Life is so busy our Dinner Conversation Jar brings everyone together with 100 unique, thought-provoking questions for kids. Set aside technology and connect over dinner. Download and print for instant access to engaging conversation starters. Includes cute labels to add to the jar you use. 

Printable and instant download. The PDF file prints on regular paper on any color printer. Questions are colorful and fun - 6 pages total including 100 questions. 2 additional pages of cute labels sized 2.5" and 3" are also included. 

Simply print out the questions, cut them, and place them in a jar. I recommend using a mason jar or jar with a lid to keep on the kitchen table. Re-use questions as answers change over time!