SANTA NORTH POLE MINI NOTES | 32 NOTES FROM THE NORTH POLE | Christmas | Tent Card Notes from Santa | Christmas Behavior | Printable

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Keep the magic of Christmas alive with these Notes from the North Pole tent cards printable. This includes 32 different notes from Santa himself! There are both encouraging messages and gentle warning messages as well as a few funny jokes too! Print 4 per page (about 4" x 3.5" each) and you cut and fold it in half and it stands up like a tent card! Great to place right by your tree or stockings on anywhere when you need to give your child some encouragement or a reminder. Save & use each year!

Includes the following different messages:

  • Always be nice to your Brother.
  • Always be nice to your Sister.
  • Please remember to always pick up your toys!
  • Uh oh....Naughty List Warning!
  • Remember to listen to your Parents. 
  • Please remember to help out when you are asked.
  • Great Job on Listening!
  • Remember, vegetables make you strong!
  • I hid 6 candy canes....can you find them all?
  • Please remember to clean your room.
  • You have been doing GREAT at school!
  • Christmas is almost here, remember to behave.
  • Let's make cookies!
  • Let's make paper snowflakes.
  • You are having a great week - keep it up!
  • Time to decorate the tree!
  • Yeah! Santa will be coming in  _____ more days.
  • Let's watch a Christmas movie!
  • Always listen to your Mom.
  • Always listen to your Dad.
  • I am disappointed in your behavior.
  • Let's make Christmas cards!
  • Mrs. Claus sent you a treat from the North Pole. Enjoy!
  • Always say 'please' and 'thank you'


  • What did the Gingerbread Man put on his bed? A cookie sheet.
  • What do Snowmen eat for breakfast? Frosted Flakes.
  • Why is it so cold at Christmas? Because it's Decemburrrr.
  • Who delivers presents to cats at Christmas? Santa Paws.
  • What do Elves learn at school? The Elf-abet
  • What do you call a Snowman in the summer? A Puddle.
  • What is Santa's favorite candy? Jolly Ranchers
  • Which Christmas song do parents like the best? Silent Night.

File is a pdf for download. Print only the pages you need and/or print multiple copies of a single page (to reuse the same cards). File cannot be edited or re-sold. Feel free to use each year! 

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Purchase and then download the file. 
  2. Print at home on any color printer (colors vary on different printers) or send to a print service like Office Depot etc. 
  3. Use this to help keep little ones on good behavior and believing in the magic of the Holiday!