GIFT IDEA: You've Been Mugged Holiday Gift Printable | Neighbor Gift Idea | Co Worker Gift Idea | Holiday Gnomes

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Let's spread some holiday cheer one mug at a time to your neighbors in your neighborhood &/or with your co-workers at work!  

The idea is print off the signs (choose from doortags for neighbors or big or smaller signs for co-worker desks), grab some treats and fill holiday mugs. Secretly deliever the treats and signs to a neighbor/friend/co-worker. They get the instructions to copy the signs and deliver them (and treats) to others while posting their "I've Been Mugged" sign on their door/window/desk. As this game grows each season, you see lots of neighbors and desks and offices full of mugged signs!

This printable includes both "You've Been Mugged" sign with instructions on how to pay it forward as well as "I've Been Mugged" signs to show that you have received some cheer. The sizes included are door tags (perfect for neighbors to ring and run), large signs (great for desks/windows) and smaller signs (also great for desk areas). Choose what works best for you! Use each year!

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Purchase and download the file
  2. Print the size you choose
  3. Fill your mug with treats and deliver both signs. 
  4. Use each year! Enjoy!